Terms & Conditions

Please do the following for a better relationship:

- Please Purchase your orders & Pay online.  Wanting a script or a complete package doesn't matter. Please make your purchase online. Add it to cart, go to the shopping cart, fill the needed info, choose Bitcoin or Perfectmoney and pay online. If your order type needs contacting us please contact before or after order. If you don't contact, we do it if we need to know additional information about your website.

- You don't need us to be online or on live chat to be able to buy something from us. You can place your order online, Pay for that and download it.

- If your product is a package (for example Crypto Mining package or Cryptocurrency Exchange or Telegram investment Bot ...) We will contact you immediately after seeing your purchase to 
arrange everything with you and next making it up.

- All our HYIP TEMPLATES are designed for Goldcoders HYIP Manager Pro and work with all versions. All templates are complete and have front-end and user account.

- If we were not available on the live chat You can send us an e-mail and receive an answer as well as live chat and even faster.

- Here on HYIPSHOP.com you'll receive your order completely soon or later after you place an order. Then really there is not any reason for bothering yourself after purchasing something.

- A complete zip file with installation guide of each product will be available to download immediately after purchase. In case you see any problem, you can contact us and we will consider as soon as possible.

- If you need a website clone, it is considered a completely new project. Of course, we can create and clone any website but you need to contact us first through e-mail and let us know about your desired project.

- The most important matter is our domain address. The only domain that you can find us and buy and use our services is HYIPSHOP.COM and nothing else. Then please ignore other similar domains. This is because some people use similar domains and even similar person names like our staffs to scam you or use our good history for themselves. 

- Support team will help you to install templates or scripts or packages and we never leave you alone if you need our help. Of course, we try to help you as fast as possible.

- We accept Perfectmoney & Bitcoin and you can order online by one of these two payment processors.