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Automatic Bitcoin Doubler Script

Bitcoin Doubler Script is one of the best Bitcoin Doubler scripts that we did its programming.

We made and we support it.

Last Update Oct - 01 - 2018

How it works:
1- You set an hourly plan and referral commission.
2- You set your API
3- User gives a Bitcoin payout address
4- User deposits with any Bitcoin address
5- Deposit goes to earning table and waiting for 1 confirmation to be considered as confirmed.
6- Script sends profit to that payout address each hour depended on the plan you defined it before.
7- Every deposit goes to a table and everyone can see how much time it got paid (for example 77/100)
8- last 50 deposits, payouts, referral commissions with Tx (Transaction ID) are available to be seen.

1 Licenses for 1 time (domain) usage is included.

It is fully automated and working with API.

You can set the plan you need. For example: 
2% Hourly For 100 Hours, 1.5% Hourly for 350 Hours and ...

No need to download blocks and other huge things.

Just set your API and Plan and start earning.

Easy setup 15 minutes.

Installation is totally free if you need.


If you want a complete Bitcoin Doubler website:
Select I Need Domain and Anti DDoS Hosting too at purchase time.
We will contact you after you placed an order and completed your payment.

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