Terms & Conditions

Please do the following for a better relationship:

- Purchase your orders & Pay online. Even if you need edit or banner for a template that you are buying, you can add edit service or banner design service to your basket and go for register and payment. At last step before making a payment you can write for us anything. For example details about your needed plans, referral commission, domain name and other things. Of course you need to write these for us if you are purchasing edit service with your chosen HYIP template.

- You don't need us to be online or on live chat to be able to buy something from us. You can place your order online, Pay for that and download it.

- All our HYIP TEMPLATES are designed for Goldcoders HYIP Manager Pro and work with all versions. All templates are complete and have front-end and user account.

- This is digital world and this is possible for us or you that miss our internet connection by wide variety of reasons or serving many customers together with live chat. Then if our discussion cutted by any reason do not disturb yourself. You can send us an e-mail and receive answer as well as live chat.

- Here on HYIPSHOP.com you'll receive your order completely soon or later after you place an order. Then really there is not any reason for bodering yourself after purchasing something.

- The most important matter is our domain address. The only domain that you can find us and buy and use our services is HYIPSHOP.COM and nothing else. Then please ignore other similar domains. This is because some people use similar domains and even similar person names like our staffs to scam you or use our good history for themselves. 

- Support team will help you to install templates or scripts and we never leave you alone if you need our help. Of course we try to help you as fast as possible.

- We accept Perfectmoney & Bitcoin and you can order online by one of these two payment processors.