Delivery Information

- Because all our products are digital, We place them for download and you are able to download them from your account.

- Sometimes we send products to customers e-mail addresses too.

- Sometimes we place products for download through User Account & Send them with e-mail as well.

- Non regarding what type of delivery we choose on different time periods, You will receive your order absolutely.

- If your product is a package (for example Crypto Mining package or Cryptocurrency Exchange or Telegram investment Bot ...) We will contact you immediately after seeing your purchase to arrange everything with you and next making it up.

- On some products, we give a free server that we know them because we are familiar with all those servers features and can install your product on it as fast as possible. It's because some products need several features and functions to be installed on the server and it gets some times. But after your purchase, first, we contact you to ask you if you want to get this free server or you prefer to have everything on your own server. Both options are reserved for you anytime even if you want to switch among our gifted or your own server.

- You will be the only one who has access to your server if there is a server comes with your product and we will give root password and everything. You also can change your password anytime (Recommended). You may also want your product to be installed on your own server that it's fine and is your choice.

Please feel free to contact us anytime.