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Build your own CRYPTO-CURRENCY / ICO and earn really huge

Are you aiming to run your own ICO, Digital Asset or Crypto-Currency?
If yes then this product covers all your needs

We create it for you and are accompanied by you to run it into the best way. 
You can choose between any available coin in the market or have your own idea. We create it for you.

This is a complete package so that you do not need any other thing. It can be a token or coin regarding the coin or idea you will tell us.

We design and integrate everything from symbol image to wallet. 

Everything will be delivered to you and you really own it with full access to everything and source code.

How it works:
1- First of all, purchase the product is needed.
2- After purchase, you tell us about your desired coin, ICO or asset which is currently available or your own idea. (Or we can choose one of the best trend ideas)
3- We design and create it for you and the coin website as well.
4- ICO website will be created by us.
5- Token sale will be published for you.
4- If wallet needed we create it.
5- A complete guide comes with that how to manage it.
6- We set lunch date on various sites.

Time Frame: 4-7 Days 

It has lifetime support.
If you need listing in exchange it is possible for an extra charge which you can add it to your order when you purchase it at first step. (We accept only if you do it with your purchase)
Advertising is possible for an extra charge which you can add it to your order at purchase time at first step. (We accept only if you do it with your purchase)

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