Bustabit Crash Game

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BustaBit Crash Game

Bustabit Crash Game Is a game which is created by us for who want to have a complete popular bitcoin game.

It is totally (100%) like this website: 

We created and we support it.

Creation Date: 16 May 2017

Last Update: 20 Sep 2018

How it works:
1- You set your website general settings.
2- You set your API and other needed info at admin panel.
3- You set the game difficulty.
4- Well done.
5- Fully automated.
6- Users can deposit via Bitcoin.
7- Two factor authentication.
8- Anti cheat bot included.
9- Admin earning adjustment.

1 Licenses for 1 (domain) usage is included.

Just set your API and adjustments and start earning.

Easy setup 15 minutes.

Installation is totally free if you need. You can pay online using Bitcoin or Perfectmoney.