Telegram Bitcoin Investment Bot

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Telegram Bitcoin Investment Bot

Telegram Bitcoin Investment Is a application bot which users can invest and receive profits using Telegram app.

We created and we support it.

Creation date: 19 Feb 2017

Update: 11 Oct 2018 - Variable Plan Mode added (For example you can set 1-2.5% daily and a percent for upper 1.5% and script look at your settings and set a variable daily/weekly/monthly/hourly plan between 1-2.5%. Now if you, for example, set 10% for upper 1.5, 10% of days which users earn, their earning is more than 1.5% and 90% of days are under 1.5%). This was requested by some clients and we added it. You can use or not use.

Update: 02 Jun 2018 - Now investors can deposit with more than 100 coins and API just turns them into Bitcoin and send to admin's BTC address. Then for example investor can deposit using Nebulas or Dogecoin or ... and you receive Bitcoin into your BTC equivalent in your account.

Image Demo:

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How it works:
1- You set your bot investment plan and referral commission easily.
2- You set your API and other needed info at admin panel.
3- Users add your Bot name in Telegram app.
4- User can choose an investment plan in Telegram Bot and deposit immediately.
5- The plan will be started automatically.
6- Users receive their profit on time automatically.
7- You can moderate users and payments.
8- One of the most popular Bitcoin investment platforms.
9- Fully automated.
10- Users can deposit via Bitcoin or Perfectmoney or Payeer or Nixmoney or Advcash
11- Users can deposit BTC, Monero, Dash, Ethereum, USD, EURO
12- Admin panel will be delivered in both App and Web-based
13- A Free well designed one-page website will be delivered to you for your program introduction to potential investors.

No need to download blocks and other huge things.

Just set your API and Plan and start earning.

Easy setup 15 minutes.

Lifetime support included.

All our products have a self-installation guide and you can easily run your product immediately after purchase

Integration and Setup by us: The same day of purchase

Installation is totally free if you need. You can pay online using Bitcoin or Perfectmoney.

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